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  What to Do if You Get Stranded and There's No One to Help  
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  The basics:
  1. Attitude – don’t panic and make sure you keep a positive outlook. Both of those lead to success while losing your cool and a negative attitude can contribute to failure, even death.

2. Immediate security – If you’re in danger from someone or something, get out of harm’s way. Take your bug out bag with you if you possibly can.

3. Emergency medical needs – attend to these now.

4. Arm yourself – Any weapon is better than no weapon. If you have no access to a gun, think about a knife, or find a weapon of opportunity, i.e. your belt, a tire iron, screwdriver, rock, stick, or wrench.

5. Preserve your body temperature – if it’s cold, get warm; if you’re wet and cold, get dry and warm; if you’re going to be scorched by the sun, protect yourself and seek shelter.

6. Hydration – Keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration can be fatal. You may have to be inventive to find safe water, such as tapping into a water heater. It’s a priority.

7. Get help – if you can, look for help or give away your location. This may be calling on your phone, heading out on foot to find someone, signaling with a mirror or with a smoky fire, blowing your car horn or if that’s not available, a whistle.

8. Shelter – you may have to shelter in place. Options include using your vehicle or constructing.

9. Fire – build one to signal for help, cook food, keep warm. You should know how to build a fire, practice it occasionally and keep fire starting equipment in your Bug out Bag.

10. Food – if you don’t have your bug out bag (that contains three days’ worth of food), you need to find some. Knowledge of your local flora should prove useful. If you’re in an inhabited area, look for sources of food, i.e. stores (that you may have to loot), homes, gardens, etc.
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