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  Skills to Learn Before Trouble Arises  
  Knowledge is Valuable  
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  Primary to survival – Where to start:
1. Attitude is number one. Without a good attitude and the will to live, you probably won’t. Plan ahead to care for you and your loved ones and deal with whatever situation may arise.
2. Blending in – the idea of the Gray Man (vehicles, too)
3. Bug out bag (BOB) building – do it.
4. Food procurement
5. Self-aid/buddy care (SABC) and/or first response trauma protocols (stop bleeding, manage airways, treat shock)
6. Self-defense of some sort
7. Shelter
8. Social skills – get to know your neighbors now
9. Water procurement
Traditional prepper/survivalist skills:
10.  Archiving printed information that you can refer to if you can no longer look it up
11.  Bugging in
12.  Bugging out
13.  Fire starting
14.  Food preservation
15.  Permaculture
16.  Prepping (storing food, supplies and tools)
17.  Water filtration
Skills that will help nourish you, your family, and your community:
18.  Animal care
19.  Bread making
20.  Butchering
21.  Campfire cooking
22.  Canning (fruit, vegetables and meat)
23.  Cheese making
24.  Composting
25.  Edible native plant identification
26.  Farming
27.  Fishing
28.  Gardening
29.  Hunting
30.  Irrigation
31.  Marksmanship
32.  Skinning, gutting and meat processing
33.  Snaring
34.  Tracking (and animal print identification)
35.  Trapping
36.  Water collecting
Necessary survival skills:
37.  Cartridge (bullet) reloading
38.  Defending people, places and supplies
39.  Fire stopping
40.  First aid
41.  Map reading / Navigation and using a compass
42.  Mirror signaling
43.  Perimeter security
Useful trades - good for survival, comfort, bartering and the community needs:
44.  Blacksmithing / Forging
45.  Boat building
46.  Camping (and site selection)
47.  Candle making
48.  Construction (shelter building)
49.  Counseling
50.  Dental care
51.  Electrical wiring
52.  Fabric making
53.  Furniture making
54.  Gunsmithing
55.  Ham Radio
56.  Harnessing
57.  Horseback riding
58.  Knife making
59.  Knitting
60.  Knot tying
61.  Leather working
62.  Mechanics
63.  Negotiating / Bartering
64.  Plumbing
65.  Scavenging
66.  Sewing (including patching and mending)
67.  Soap making
68.  Teaching
69.  Tool making
70.  Weather forecasting
71.  Well digging (by hand)
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  Here's the review written by noted survivalist and off-grid living expert, Mr. Raymond Jones. Having lived off of the grid in Montana for years, he's the real deal. He appreciated Superflare: The Fortunate Ones so much he has started joining me for panel discussions.  
"Ms. Calhoun's character development is one of the best I have read. I really like the realistic way she portrays the family and developments. Unlike most "end of the world as we know it" books the family protects each other with weapons we would normally have in a farming home. It is not full of fully automatic weapons and RPG's, with killing from one end to the other. It is a book that covers being prepared when a disaster hits, no matter what kind. I highly recommend this book to anyone that likes getting back to the old ways and who loves their family. We never know how long we have till something like this happens, so get prepared." - Raymond Jones, survival, prepping, off-grid living expert
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