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  Superflare: The Fortunate OnesLisa Poché Calhoun is the author of the exciting survival fiction novel, “Superflare: The Fortunate Ones.” Before writing the book, Lisa worked in front of the camera in the film industry. Attracted by life behind the scenes, she became a location scout. She worked on productions from commercials to feature films, including “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, 1 and 2.” Over time she worked her way up to head the department. When an injury sidelined her, she had been the Location Manager on various productions, including feature films.

Writing had always come easy to Lisa. She’d written for newspapers and magazines between movie gigs. Recovering at home, she realized she had the time to fulfill a dream – she could write a novel.

An inborn thirst for knowledge has always kept her reading and researching subjects that interest her. She’s survival-minded; she knows the difference between tried-and-true and false, unsound ideas. A proactive, educated, and prepared person, Lisa felt compelled to write an “end of the world as we know it” novel. Also a positive, optimistic person, she chose to write a story of overcoming the odds, as opposed to dystopia. The genre is “survival fiction.” The book is meant to be an enjoyable, eye-opening journey for her readers.

It's been a fun endeavor for Lisa. The novel appeals to a wide variety of people and has done very well for her. Encouraged by the reviews and the requests for a sequel, she plans to turn her attention penning one shortly.

The Lost Lucky Horseshoe ...but they find it!While she was editing “Superflare: The Fortunate Ones,” her seven-year-old granddaughter, Victoria, asked to write a book, “Just me and you, Mawmaw.” Of course, she said yes. To buy time to finish the edit, she instructed the child to “think of a story.” Soon after the two revisited the idea and the child knew what she wished to write. The book, “The Lost Lucky Horseshoe …but they find it!”, is the result of their collaboration. Lisa’s great-niece, Michelle, who was fifteen-years-old at the time, illustrated it. Victoria, now ten, loves being a published author and often accompanies her grandmother to book signings. There are pictures below.

Not Your Ordinary ABC Animal Book, Volume OneA long-time friend of Lisa’s, Bobbi Harlan, is a talented artist. Her art impressed Lisa enough to encourage her to become an illustrator. Bobbi loved the idea, but she questioned if anyone would hire an unpublished illustrator. Lisa’s reply to that statement was a question: “Would you illustrate a children’s book for me?” The answer was, “Yes!” and the “Not Your Ordinary ABC Animal Book” was born. Lisa and Bobbi enjoy working together so much that the idea became a three-volume set.

A Sparrow Named GusAfter Lisa made a corny joke, she realized she had hit upon an idea for a value-based children’s book, “A Sparrow Named Gus.” Bobbi jumped at the chance to bring Gus to life with her illustrations. Both Lisa and Bobbi quickly fell in love with Gus, and “A Sparrow Named Gus” became a series. Other titles in this wonderful character-building series are in various stages of prepublication. They are, “Gus and Fred Do the Right Thing,” “Gus and the Very Special Visitors,” “Gus and the Forgetful Ms. Maggie Magpie,” “Gus and his Strange Friend,” and “Gus and the Lost Prince.” Lisa and Bobbi have a special deal where the softcover versions of these books are offered for only USD 7.99 domestically.

Lisa and her husband John make their home in Baton Rouge and at their farm in Northeast Louisiana. They enjoy time spent with their family, friends, and their cat and dog. They have two retired show horses she calls her “pasture ornaments.” They live mostly in the city, but Lisa grew up on a sugarcane farm and will readily point out that she’s a country girl at heart. There she’s truly in her element.

  The first time Victoria held a proof of her book.   
  It was a very special moment for all involved to see the look on this childs face when she saw a proof of her book for the first time. Writing, publishing, and promoting her book has been a wonderful, character-building experience for Victoria. Shes learned so much from it, including patience, poise, interacting with the public on an adult level, and even how to count money and make change.  

  Victoria's first book signing   
  Victoria's first book signing was held at Barnes & Noble at CitiPlace in Baton Rouge in May of 2019. She loved every second of this experience. The store staff got a kick out of her personality and assertiveness. It was an all-around great experience for everyone involved, especially Lisa and Victoria.  

  Lisa and Victoria at a book signing together.   
  Lisa and Victoria like to share a table at book signings. One look at Victorias face lets you know that she loves these events. She truly does. Her lack of shyness and her pride in her book makes for an exciting time for her. It's always a fun day with her grandmother, too.  

  Inspiration for Superflare: The Fortunate Ones   
  This is where my deep-seated love of the country way of life was born. Union, a village too small to have its own post office, sits nestled inside a curve of the Mississippi River, downriver from the Sunshine Bridge and upstream from Zen-Noh Grain elevator and Hymels Seafood Restaurant. The green expanse you see there are the sugarcane fields where I spent hour upon hour riding horseback, first on my pony and then on my Quarter Horses as a kid. A piece of my heart will always reside in Union.  
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