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Superflare: The Fortunate Ones

  Lisa Poche Calhoun   
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  Lisa Poché Calhoun is the author of the exciting survival fiction novel, "Superflare: The Fortunate Ones." Prior to writing the book, Lisa worked in front of the camera in the film industry. Attracted by life behind the scenes, she became a location scout and worked on productions from commercials to feature films, including "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, 1 and 2." She worked her way up and by the time an injury sidelined her, she had been the Location Manager on feature films. Between movies she had intermittently written for newspapers and magazines and realized she now had the spare time a novel demanded. Thanks to the success of the novel and requests from her readers, she plans to write a sequel in the near future.

Her thirst for knowledge keeps her reading and researching subjects that interest her. As her understanding of the subjects covered in "Superflare: The Fortunate Ones" grew, she felt compelled to write the book. She chose “survival fiction” as her genre and wrote in a style that submerges her readers into the story. She lets the characters tell the readers what's happening and about themselves.

Lisa and her husband John make their home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and enjoy time spent with their family, their cat and dog. They have two retired show horses she calls her “pasture ornaments.” They live in the city, but she grew up on a sugarcane farm and often points out that she’s a country girl at heart.

  Inspiration for Superflare: The Fortunate Ones   
  "This is where my deep seated love of the country way of life was born. Union, a village too small to have its own post office, sits nestled inside a curve of the Mississippi River, downriver from the Sunshine Bridge and upstream from Zen-Noh Grain elevator and Hymel's Seafood Restaurant. The green expanse you see there are the sugarcane fields where I spent hour upon hour riding horseback, first on my pony and then on my Quarter Horses as a kid. A piece of my heart will always reside in Union."  
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