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  Superflare: The Fortunate Ones, released by Southern Oaks Publishing.  
  After the Earth suffers a natural catastrophe that has brought with it EMP-like devastation, Colton Rayner’s family must fight to survive in an unfamiliar world. All modern means of communication have been lost and times are hard; there’s no electricity, stores have been looted and abandoned, gas pumps don’t work, and there’s no way to buy food or call for medical help. The family finds they must rely on horses, wagons, and their own ingenuity and will to live.

The patriarch of this farm family, Harold Engquist, had tried to prepare his loved ones in advance with the skills and the provisions needed to endure hard times, but did he do enough? Will his food stores attract desperate people who are in search of food and clean water, or worse yet, the unwanted attention of the degenerate Claggit family?

Meanwhile, Abby, a lovely stranded stranger, unloads her two horses and leaves her truck and trailer on the highway to go in search of help. She happens upon the family's farm, which soon pits Colt and his cousin Tyler against each other as they vie for her attention.

This post-apocalyptic / survival / contemporary western / romance novel is sure to pull you in when you join this family as they try to adapt and look to the future.
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The printed edition is currently available through my CreateSpace storefront.
The Kindle edition and the printed edition are available from Amazon.
The Nook edition and the printed edition are available from Barnes & Noble.
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