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  Prepping & Survivalism, one leads to the other.  
Prepping: the action of preparing, making preparations for any possible catastrophe or emergency, be it natural disaster or not, even personal financial disaster. Preppers stockpile food, water, ammunition, and other supplies, while educating themselves on how to live and prosper without the conveniences to which they are accustomed.
  Survival skills and prepping are important for you and your loved ones, and also your community. Preppers are smart. Non-survivalists tease preppers about tin foil hats, but prepping is no joke. In 2016 the area where I live was devastated by a surprise flood. Multiple parishes (counties to most of you) were inundated with water. John and I live on a little hill and our home didn't flood, but less than a half mile away all of our neighbors' homes were engulfed in water. Our home lost power and our phone service literally went under, too. We couldn't call or text on them, nor could we access the Internet. It felt like we were living in my novel, Superflare: The Fortunate Ones. There was no way to get any news about what had happened, as we couldn't see the floodwaters, and we were limited to face-to-face communication. Still, we were able to take in people who were rescued from their homes by boats and a dump truck, and we were able to feed them and provide them with clean water to drink. That, my friend, is what prepping is all about!  
  I've named this webpage "learn" because that's what I want to help you do. I'm building some webpages to share useful information with you. Click on a link and go to that page to soak up the information. While there, find the link for the printable version and print it out. You won't have access to the Internet if something should suddenly cause the grid to go black.  
  Skills to Learn Before Trouble Arises  
  Emergency! What to Do if You're Stranded Away from Home and There's No One to Help  
  So You Want to Start Prepping - Prepearation Fundamentals.  
  Be sure to read my novel Superflare: The Fortunate Ones. An end of the world as we know it story, it's a well-researched fictional account of one rural family and their fight to survive after EMP-like devastation hits. It walks you through a long-term grid-down situation and will help you comprehend what that would be like. It'll also help any naysaying loved ones to understand why it's so important to be a prepared. The novel is highly rated and selling well.  
  Here's the review written by noted survivalist and off-grid living expert, Mr. Raymond Jones. Having lived off of the grid in Montana for years, he's the real deal. He appreciated Superflare: The Fortunate Ones so much he has started joining me for panel discussions about prepping, survivalism, and my novel.  
"Ms. Calhoun's character development is one of the best I have read. I really like the realistic way she portrays the family and developments. Unlike most "end of the world as we know it" books the family protects each other with weapons we would normally have in a farming home. It is not full of fully automatic weapons and RPG's, with killing from one end to the other. It is a book that covers being prepared when a disaster hits, no matter what kind. I highly recommend this book to anyone that likes getting back to the old ways and who loves their family. We never know how long we have till something like this happens, so get prepared." - Raymond Jones, survival, prepping, off-grid living expert
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